Schools and Communities First (Proposition 15) Research Fund

The Schools and Communities First initiative on the November 2020 ballot is one of the most significant ballot propositions facing California voters. By splitting the assessment rates for commercial and residential properties, the initiative promises to raise up to $12 billion annually for local governments and schools from increased levies on commercial and industrial properties.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation, in partnership with Stupski Foundation and others, have developed a pooled fund to analyze the potential impacts of the Schools and Communities First initiative. The purpose of the fund is to provide clear, data-driven information for California voters about the potential impacts of Schools and Communities first. Studies commissioned by the fund will be posted here as they become available.



Topic Authors Publication Date Link to Research
Housing and Land-Use Implications of Split-Roll Property Tax Reform in California Solomon Greene Laurie Goodman, Sarah Strochak, Daniel Teles, and Patrick Spauste October 2020 Download Now
Understanding the Impact of Proposition 15 on Small Businesses in California Beacon Economics September 2020 Download Now
Income inequality among racial groups research Isaac Martin September 2020 Download Now
Education Brief Kim Rueben, Richard C. Auxier, and Tracy Gordon July 2020 Download Now
Infrastructure Brief Tracy Gordon, Richard C. Auxier, and Kim Rueben July 2020 Download Now
Revenue Brief Richard C. Auxier, Tracy Gordon, and Kim Rueben July 2020 Download Now

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