Silicon Valley Community Foundation Timeline

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Over the past 10 years, SVCF awarded more than $4.3 billion in grants


Grown to the largest community foundation in the world with $8.2 billion in assets under management


More than $1.3 billion granted locally, nationally and globally from all funds


Inaugural Innovation Conference brings together philanthropists, foundation leaders and speakers from around the world


California governor signs into law SB 359, an SVCF-sponsored bill to end "math misplacement" in schools


Receives $7.5 million from federal Social Innovation Fund to launch The Big Lift partnership to improve early learning, literacy in San Mateo County


SVCF and the White House convene the nation's community foundations in recognition of the 100th anniversary of community foundations


First Silicon Valley Gives event launches; over three years, the event raises nearly $24 million for local nonprofits


Global Charity Database created to allow public donations to more than 1,100 pre-approved organizations worldwide


Receives largest gift in SVCF history, nearly $500 million from Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg


Announces formation of Innovate Public Schools


SVCF acquires EF


Opens satellite offices in San Francisco and San Jose


Reaches $2 billion in assets and a cumulative total of $1 billion in grants awarded


SVCF and Entrepreneurs Foundation (EF) release Corporate Citizenship Report


Ranked second largest community foundation in the U.S.


SVCF teams up with San Mateo County to provide safety-net relief


Named to list of nation's top givers by Foundation Center


Exceeds $242 Million in grantmaking in first year


Completes "Strengthen the Safety Net" campaign, makes $3M in grants for food, shelter services


Releases first Corporate Philanthropy study


The community foundation was created in 2006 through the landmark merger of Peninsula Community
Foundation and Community Foundation Silicon Valley, and launched in January 2007.


Partners with Joint Venture to expand Silicon Valley Index


SVCF opens new headquarters in Mountain View


Along with the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, begins a regional arts endowment. The Silicon Valley Arts Fund raises $12 million


Silicon Valley Community Foundation is established by unanimous votes by the boards of the Peninsula
Community Foundation and Community Foundation Silicon Valley. Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D., is named as the first
CEO and president.


The community foundation releases Familia, Fé y Comunidad, a landmark study on giving and volunteering
among Latinos in Silicon Valley, in partnership with the Hispanic Foundation.


The community foundation celebrates its 50th anniversary. Bill Gates is the keynote speaker.
Serious merger discussions are held with Peninsula Community Foundation.
Greg Avis becomes board chair.


The community foundation raises $254 million and becomes the first community
foundation to receive the 'Foundation of the Year' award from the Association
of Fundraising Professionals.


The Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, one of the nation's first social
venture funds, is established.


Jeff Skoll donates $100,000 in pre-IPO eBay stock. The community foundation later sells
the stock, forming the $40 million eBay Foundation. The Community Foundation of Santa Clara
County changes its name to Community Foundation Silicon Valley.


Steven and Michèle Kirsch give $5 million to the community foundation, the single
largest gift in its 41-year history. Assets rise to $64 million.


The community foundation launches the region’s first Neighborhood Grants Program to
support, train and build the capacity of residents at the grassroots level.


Peter Hero is appointed president.


Leonard Ely sells his car dealership and becomes the 'dollar-a-year' fundraiser.


Lew White is hired as the first paid executive director.


The Community Trust changes its name to Community Foundation of Santa Clara County.
Grants are made to 28 different organizations, including Eastside Mosquitoes and Stanford
University for foreign student scholarships.


Silicon Valley Community Foundation is established by unanimous votes
by the boards of the Peninsula Community Foundation and Community Foundation
Silicon Valley. Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D., is named as the first CEO and president.


Serious merger discussions are held with Community Foundation Silicon
Valley. Retired Judge Patricia Breese becomes board chair.


The community foundation’s donor advised fund program is the
second largest in the country; $64 million in grants is distributed
this year.


Raising A Reader® and The Center for Venture Philanthropy
launch programs that become national models.


Tom Ford donates 20% of his limited partnership interest in
property on Sand Hill Road and specifies that the annual distributions
must be spent for community benefit.


The community foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary.


Sterling Speirn is appointed as executive director.


An anonymous donor makes an unrestricted $25 million gift.
Assets rise to $42 million.


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation provides a 1:3 matching
challenge grant which produces $1.5 million for arts and health.


The San Mateo Foundation changes its name to Peninsula Community Foundation.


The Paul Strong Achilles Fund is created from the donation of 22,000
shares of Eastman Kodak stock. The gift provides further funding for the
hiring of staff and new office space.


1974 Bill Somerville is hired as the first paid executive director.


Jean Sawyer Weaver designates a portion of her inheritance from William
Cooper Proctor for the community foundation’s administrative costs.


Frances Baruch Lilienthal establishes an organization that is named
the San Mateo Foundation after her death. Her husband Ted Lilienthal
serves as the first president. The K.O. Polio Fund gives $35,000, one
of the first gifts to the community foundation.


Phillip Hammer Sr. spearheads the formation of the Community Trust,
converting the final $55,000 from the World War II San José War Chest.


Early grants include the College Readiness Program at the College of
San Mateo, the Council on Alcoholism and the El Camino Halfway House.


The first grants include Camp Costanoan, the Children’s Health Council in
Palo Alto and Wheeler Hospital in Gilroy. An anonymous donor makes the first
stock gift: 100 shares of common stock which is later sold for $3,950.


Attorney Albert J. Horn begins his 35-year tenure as board member and community
foundation champion.


Board chair Jean Kuhn Doyle launches a two-year fundraising effort and raises $71,000.

Former Peninsula Community Foundation Board Members

Steven D. Anderson
Thomas E. Bailard
H. Bennett Berwick
Marjorie Bolton
Patricia Bresee
Gloria Rhodes Brown
Hugh Burroughs
John H. Clinton, Jr.
Caretha Coleman
Susan Ford Dorsey
Bernadine Chuck Fong
T. Jack Foster, Jr.
Nylda Gemple
Morgan Gunst
Umang Gupta
Bruce Hinchliffe
Albert J. Horn, Esq.

Charles “Chip” Huggins
Susan M. Hyatt
Judge Teri L. Jackson
Judge Thomas M. Jenkins
Charles Johnson
E. Richard Jones
Norman Kavanaugh
Robert C. Kirkwood
Robert Koshland
John B. Lauritzen
Aubrey Lee
Theodore Lilienthal
Olivia Martinez, Ed.D.
Betsy Matteson
Duncan McBryde
Linda R. Meier
Ernest Mitchell

Karen Van Hoesen Olson
Mario Panoringan
Nancy Pedot
Jennifer Raiser
John P. Renshaw
Gordon Russell
William Schwartz, M.D.
Donald H. Seiler
Warren E. (Ned) Spieker, Jr.
Walter Truce
Josephine Van Hoesen
Gwen (Mrs. Arthur) Wall
Richard S. Wilkolaski
Jane Williams
William Wilson III
Rosemary Young

Former Community Foundation Silicon Valley Board Members

Ernie Arbuckle
Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Gregory Avis
Stanley Benz
Ann Bowers
Phillip R. Boyce
Herschel J. Brown
Howard Campen
Douglas Chance
Leo E. Chavez
Kenneth L. Coleman
Mrs. Paul Davies
M. Elizabeth Day
John Dean
Marti di Benedetti
Charles Dirksen
Jean Kuhn Doyle
Fred Drew
Leonard Ely
Debra Engel
Jorge Fernandes
Clarence J. Ferrari, Jr.
Kevin A. Fong
Gregory Gallo
Glenn George

Joseph George, Jr.
Narendra Gupta
Philip Hammer
Jay T. Harris
Dr. C. Lester Hogan
Hugh C. Jackson
Leon Jacobs
William Johnson
S. Fred Kaufman
Mary Katherine Kelley
Tom Killefer
Steven Kirsch
Clayton Klein
Elaine Knoernschild
Gay Krause
Lata Krishnan
Sandy Kurtzig
Dr. Merlin T. R. Maynard
Harvey C. Miller
David W. Mitchell
Frank Mitchell
Denise O'Leary
M. Kenneth Oshman
J. Michael Patterson
Bryan C. Polster

Kanwal Rekhi
Ernest Renzel
Aaron Richards
P. Anthony Ridder
Barbara D. Roupe
Albert Ruffo
Harry J. Saal
William Scandling
Ralph Shafor
Sven Simonsen
Jeff Skoll
Boyd Smith
Roger V. Smith
John M. Sobrato
Molly Swenson
George Szudy
William E. Terry
Jon Tompkins
Thomas T. Vais
W. Virginia Walker
Austen Warburton
Ray L. Wilbur, Jr.
Erika Williams
John A. Wilson
Anne Yamamoto