The organizational structure of Silicon Valley Community Foundation is reflective of our large scope and mission.

Our staff are dedicated to providing world-class customer service to donors, nonprofits and community partners so that together, we can create a better quality of life for all. Whether you are looking for ways to learn about our diverse community, support the issues that matter most to you or apply for funding, Silicon Valley Community Foundation can help.

Executive Office

Greg Avis Interim Chief Executive Officer and President   bio
Gina D. Dalma Special Advisor to the CEO and Vice President of Government Relations Twitter
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Lianne Araki Executive Assistant to the CEO and President and Board Liaison Twitter
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Business, Development and Brand


Melany Duval Vice President, Development
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Celina Lopez Executive Assistant to the Chief Business, Development and Brand Officer    
Devi Ati Administrative Assistant, Development    
Lisa Barr Director of Philanthropic Entrepreneurship Twitter
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Ashley Cash Director of Customized Philanthropy Services   bio
Don Gottesman Director of Planned Giving   bio
Caitlin Dally Development Officer   bio
Cordie McGhee Development Officer   bio
Megan Watts Development Officer- San Francisco    
Angela Lewis Senior Development Associate   bio
Daniella McCormack Development Associate   bio
Brian Perlmutter Development Associate   bio
Max McGowen Planned Giving Associate   bio
Lauren Tcheau Prospect Management Associate    

Corporate Responsibility

Stuart Burden Vice President, Corporate Responsibility Twitter
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Rebecca Nalder Director, Corporate Responsibility   bio
Michael Lopez Director of Corporate Responsibility   bio
Juliana Deans Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility   bio
Claire Smith Manager, Corporate Responsibility   bio
Jody Garcia Manager, Corporate Responsibility   bio
Michelle Lum  Manager, Corporate Responsibility   bio
Renee Farris Manager, Corporate Responsibility   bio
Julianne Brown Manager of Corporate Responsibility   bio
Katrina Drabeck Manager of Corporate Responsibility   bio
Mallory Zickfield Associate Manager, Corporate Responsibility    
Sean Rico Fisher Manager, Program Effectiveness - Corporate Responsibility   bio
Emily Burns Corporate Responsibility Associate    
Ximena Martinez Corporate Responsibility Associate    
Jessica Ousley Corporate Responsibility Assistant    bio

Strategic Partnerships - Eastern Region

Maeve Miccio Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Eastern Region Twitter
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Milton Speid Director of Development, Eastern Region   bio

Marketing and Communications

Jessica Belsky Director, Marketing Services   bio
Ian Kawata Director, Creative   bio
Sue McAllister Director, Marketing Twitter
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Emily DuToit Marketing and Communications Associate    bio
Kelsey Farabee Digital Marketing Manager    
Kiley Pearlman-Bantillo Administrative Assistant, Marketing    

Community Impact

Erica Wood Chief Community Impact Officer Twitter
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Manuel Santamaria Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Grantmaking Twitter
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Cindy Scher-Hereth Executive Assistant to the Chief Community Impact Officer   bio
Remy Goldsmith Senior Community Leadership Officer   bio
Cheryl Platon Operations Manager   bio
Megan McQuillian Community Impact Associate   bio

Center for Early Learning

Avo Makdessian Vice President and Director, Center for Early Learning Twitter
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Michelle Sioson Hyman Senior Early Learning Officer   bio
Andrea Jones Initiative Officer for The Big Lift   bio
Pete Weldy External Relations Officer   bio
Leticia Gonzalez Associate Initiative Officer, Raising A Reader   bio
Elisa Espinoza Grants Coordinator, The Big Lift   bio
Christine Thorsteinson PreK-3 Program and Research Coordinator   bio
Mei Wu Operations Manager   bio
Allison Grenda Big Lift Administrative Assistant Temp    

Initiative and Special Projects

Mauricio Palma Director, Initiatives and Special Projects Twitter
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Valerie Cuevas Senior Program Officer, Education Twitter
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Anne Im Program Officer, Immigration   bio
Jack Mahoney Program Officer, Civic Participation   bio
Vinita Goyal Program Officer, Housing and Transportation   bio
Alexandra Bastien Program Officer, Financial Stability   bio

Nonprofit Investment Program

Michelle Fries Director, Nonprofit Investment Program Twitter
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Christie Verdadero Senior Associate, Nonprofit Investment Program   bio


Lisa Alvarez Scholarship Officer Twitter
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Evelyn Roberts Scholarship Officer   bio
Emiko Thompson Administrative Assistant, Scholarships   bio

Donor Engagement and Services

Misti Sangani Chief Donor Engagement and Services Officer Twitter
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Milena Bundalo Executive Assistant to the Chief Donor Engagement and Services Officer   bio
Casey Kellogg Vice President, Donor Engagement and Services Twitter
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Cindy Luong Administrative Assistant, Donor Engagement and Services    


Andy Perkins Director, Donor Engagement Twitter
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Diane Nguyen Director, Donor Engagement   bio
Dennis Robinson Senior Philanthropy Advisor   bio
Tobi Becerra  Senior Philanthropy Advisor    bio
Sawako Sonoyama Clarin Philanthropy Advisor Twitter
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Leah Wilberding Philanthropy Advisor   bio
Linda Nguyen Philanthropy Advisor   bio
Denise Goulart Donor Services Senior Associate, Engagement    
Malcolm Stewart Donor Services Associate, Engagement   bio
Kate McCarty Donor Services Associate, Engagement    bio
Manu Gupta Donor Services Associate, Engagement    
Amelia Hartley Donor Services Associate, Engagement    


Nathan Kuerschner Donor Services Manager, Operations    bio
Chris Drysdale Donor Services Associate, Operations   bio

Donor Services - Grants

Anoop Kaur Director of Donor Services, Grants    
Marla Betsch Donor Services Officer, Grants   bio
Emily Kaiser Donor Services Officer, Grants   bio
Maya Visvanathan Donor Services Officer, Grants   bio
Fazal Mogaddedi Donor Services Associate, Grants    
Stephen King Donor Services Associate, Grants   bio
Lucas Meek Donor Services Associate, Grants    
Hana Dave Donor Services Associate, Grants    
Raphael Tsang Donor Services Associate, Grants   bio
Lauren Witt Donor Services Associate, Grants    
Danelle Rhiner Donor Services Associate, Grants    
Julie McDermott Donor Services Associate, Grants    
Mariana Garcia Donor Services Associate, Grants    

Donor Services - International Grants

Jung Youn Yang Donor Services Officer, International Grants   bio
Hector Navarro Donor Services Associate, International Grants    
Hibo Sheikh-Ali Donor Services Associate, International Grants    
Clorens Andre Donor Services Associate, International Grants    

Donor Services - Gifts

Alex Hua Director, Donor Services Gifts    
Linda Pray Donor Services Senior Manager, Gifts   bio
Claudia Kelly Donor Services Senior Associate, Gifts   bio
Beverly Estacio Donor Services Associate, Gifts   bio
Cynthia Pilch Donor Services Associate, Gifts    

Finance and Administration


Paul Velaski Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Twitter
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Federica Hughes Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer   bio
Brian Logan Administrative Assistant to the Finance and Administrative Division   bio


Sarah Valencia Vice President, Finance Twitter
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David Haugen Controller   bio
Bill Nguyen Senior Accountant   bio
Gretchen Pacheco Senior Accountant   bio
Linh Vo Senior Accountant    
Li Zhang Senior Accountant    
Damon James Manager, Risk and Compliance   bio
Diane Luong Budget and Payroll Manager   bio
Kim Diep Staff Accountant    
Silvia Villarreal-Garza Staff Accountant    
Yiqun Shan Staff Accountant    

Facilities and Office Services

Phil Wiggett Office and People Operations Manager   bio
Daniela Ruvalcaba Facilities and Office Services Coordinator   bio
Claudia Leal San Mateo Conference Center Coordinator    
Marcos Torres Headquarters Receptionist   bio
Joshua Lara Office Services Assistant   bio

Human Resources

Wendy Preuss Director of Human Resources    
Miriam Hardin Human Resources Generalist    
Maria Luisa Sanchez-Ku Human Resources Generalist   bio
Monica Nicholl Human Resources Generalist   bio

Information Technology

Judy Chan Interim Vice President, Information Technology   bio
Akiko Hom Enterprise Application Database Front-End Developer   bio
Logan Travis Enterprise Application and Database Developer   bio
Galen Foster IT Infrastructure Project Manager   bio
Casey Nakayama Computer Support Specialist   bio
Fritz Leon Computer Support Specialist    


Bert Feuss Senior Vice President, Investments Twitter
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Falah Madadha  Senior Investments Officer   bio
Catherine Dooling Investments Officer   bio
Ann Dam  Administrative Assistant    bio

Raising A Reader® National Office

Michelle Torgerson President and Chief Executive Office    
Gloria Garcia Ramos Vice President, Business, Development and Brand   bio
Heather Deno Director, Business Development and Brand   bio
Rebecca Armstrong Assistant Vice President, Program and Affiliate Relations    
Kristen Anderson Senior Manager, Program and Affiliate Relations   bio
Tymisha Sweet Senior Manager, Program and Affiliate Relations   bio
Marie Waldron Senior Manager, Customer Service and Warehouse Operations   bio
Arleen Arnal Senior Manager, Administrative Services and Board Liaison   bio
Shelly Coulter Senior Accountant   bio
Jennifer Ford RAR Director, Finance and Operations   bio
Jenna Nguyen Manager, Business, Development and Brand    
Derrell Washington Manager of Program Development    bio
Eric Lau Accounting Associate   bio
Alan Rodrigo Warehouse Operations Assistant    
Philip Chavez Warehouse Associate