Strategic Initiatives

We launch and participate in initiatives and cross-sector solutions that multiply our reach and impact. Most of these targeted initiatives are three to six years in length. We occasionally take on short, high-impact projects. Our current initiatives include:

Support Civic Engagement

Support Civic Engagement: The outcomes of the upcoming 2020 election will have historic impact on our country and local communities. During a time of heightened consciousness around equity and racial justice, ensuring that every citizen has fair access to voting is crucial.
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Census 2020: Did you know that data from the census is used to determine all kinds of things, from the number of seats a state has in Congress, to the amount of federal funding it might receive for critical public programs? An accurate count is essential, and SVCF is working locally to make sure everyone gets counted.
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SVCF Community Advisory Council

SVCF’s Community Advisory Council: In line with SVCF’s strategic plan, the foundation’s President and CEO, Nicole Taylor, created the SVCF Community Advisory Council. The purpose of this council is to engage leaders of color to help us ensure we are implementing effective strategies and advocating for effective policies.
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On The Table

On The Table: A day of community building through conversations designed to strengthen and connect our community. On the Table Silicon Valley will bring together thousands of local people to eat and talk about our region's housing crisis — and what we can do to solve it. Your voice matters. 
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Center for Early Learning

Center for Early Learning: The mission of the Center for Early Learning is to ensure that Silicon Valley’s young children and their families have access to high quality early learning opportunities and healthy development through promotion of research, strategic initiatives, advocacy and systems change.
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The Big Lift

The Big Lift: Because third grade reading is a critical marker of long-term success in school and in life, the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council (PPLC) – a coalition of government, education, nonprofit, foundation and business leaders – launched The Big Lift to increase the percentage of third grade children reading proficiently in San Mateo County to 80 percent by 2020.
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