SVCF Community Advisory Council

Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s vision is a community where all can lead financially secure, safe and fulfilling lives. We believe individuals and families should have a path to financial security and equal opportunity to improve their economic well-being. However, in spite of tremendous growth and economic expansion, poverty and extreme inequality persist in Silicon Valley – specifically in communities of color. One of SVCF’s most important strategic goals is to address the structural systems that have created the social and economic inequities that exist in our region. Towards this goal, we have created SVCF’s Community Advisory Council that will engage leaders of color to help us ensure we are implementing effective strategies and advocating for effective policies as part of the roll out of our new strategic plan.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Community Advisory Council shall be called “The Community Advisory Council.” It will serve at the discretion of Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s (SVCF) President and CEO to advise on our organizational strategic direction.


SVCF’s President and CEO, Nicole Taylor, created the Community Advisory Council with the following in mind:

  1. To engage leaders of color working to address the most significant challenges in our region who can provide input, guidance and feedback on the implementation of SVCF’s strategic plan.
  2. To help us identify and engage emerging leaders who can share opportunities to strengthen empirical practices and/or community-driven solutions to ensure the leadership and resiliency of our community.


For more information about SVCF’s Community Advisory Council, please reach out to Mauricio Palma, SVCF Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, at

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