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SVCF engages donors and corporations from Silicon Valley, across the country and around the globe to make our region and world better for all. With the SVCF Philanthropy Now podcast series, we explore trends in the world of philanthropy, SVCF's work on challenging problems, and other social impact initiatives in Silicon Valley and beyond. Tune in and subscribe! 

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Building community through corporate responsibility 9/11/2019 Free Listen
Finding Solutions to Systemic Injustice 8/28/2019 Free Listen
The life of a Silicon Valley family living in their RV 8/14/2019 Free Listen
Destination: Home 7/31/2019 Free Listen
California’s local redistricting revolution 7/17/2019 Free Listen
Growing as a Donor 7/3/2019 Free Listen
How Can Corporate Foundations Work Best with Nonprofits? 6/19/2019 Free Listen
Helping Our Homeless Neighbors: Project WeHOPE and Dignity on Wheels 6/5/2019 Free Listen
Silicon Valley Transit: Working Towards a Solution 5/22/2019 Free Listen
Young Kids and Tech: A Guide for Grown-ups 5/8/2019 Free Listen
Catalyst for change: Nicole Taylor discusses her first 100 days 4/20/2019 Free Listen
Getting Kids Ready for Kindergarten 3/27/2019 Free Listen
Local Banks Helping Fight Displacement 3/13/2019 Free Listen
Twenty years of raising young readers 2/20/2019 Free Listen
Why is the 2020 census so important? 2/6/2019 Free Listen
A conversation with SVCF's new President Nicole Taylor 1/23/2019 Free Listen
SVCF opens 2019 scholarship season 1/9/2019 Free Listen
Linking nonprofits to skilled volunteers 12/12/2018 Free Listen
Getting to know Nicole Taylor: SVCF's incoming CEO & President 12/7/2018 Free Listen
Gun Buy Back in San Jose 11/28/2018 Free Listen
Police Work in San Jose 11/14/2018 Free Listen
Housing for All in Silicon Valley 10/31/2018 Free Listen
SVCF Donor Circles 10/17/2018 Free Listen
Foster Youth in the Bay Area Housing Crisis 10/3/2018 Free Listen
On The Table 2018: Finding Solutions to the Bay Area's Housing Shortage 9/19/2018 Free Listen
The Emerging Role of Cities 9/5/2018 Free Listen
Incorporating Staff and Community Feedback into Moving Forward 7/31/2018 Free Listen
Greg Avis in conversation with Luisa Buada 7/6/2018 Free Listen
Literacy and Family Engagement Go Hand in Hand 4/25/2018 Free Listen
California Senator Bob Hertzberg: Reforming the System of Traffic Fines 4/11/2018 Free Listen
Can We Bridge the Gap Between Early Learning and Elementary School? 3/28/2018 Free Listen
Senator Scott Wiener: How to Address California's Housing Challenges 3/14/2018 Free Listen
Young Children and Tech: Comparing Local and National Data
2/28/2018 Free Listen
California’s Next Governor Should Be a Champion for Young Kids 2/14/2018 Free Listen
What Philanthropy Means in 2018 2/2/2018 Free Listen
Philanthropy Now Podcast: The Fight for Water in East Palo Alto 1/31/2018 Free Listen
Why Focus on Collaboration? Merging Two Nonprofits to Help Silicon Valley Children 1/17/2018 Free Listen
Buena Vista Mobile Home Park: Amid Skyrocketing Real Estate Costs in Silicon Valley, How One Community Was Saved 1/3/2018 Free Listen
Giving at the Holidays: Reflections on Select Local Nonprofit Organizations by SVCF’s Donor Experience Team 12/22/2017 Free Listen
Imagining the Possibilities: SVCF’s Anniversary Grant Program 12/06/2017 Free Listen
Providing Services to Immigrants Facing Challenges in San Mateo County 11/22/2017 Free Listen
SVCF’s New Grantmaking Strategies 11/08/2017 Free Listen
Protecting and Upholding the Civil Rights of All People with Anthony Romero and Jonathan Greenblatt 10/25/2017 Free Listen
Supporting Arts and Culture Through Corporate Responsibility Efforts 9/27/2017 Free Listen
On the Table: Silicon Valley Residents Gather Over a Meal to Talk Housing 9/13/2017 Free Listen
Why California’s Next Governor Must Support Young Children and Families 8/30/2017 Free Listen
Can Technology Improve Relations Between Communities of Color and Law Enforcement? 8/16/2017 Free Listen
Public Transit: Challenges to Access and Affordability in San Mateo County 8/3/2017 Free Listen
Creating Affordable Housing in Silicon Valley: Policymaker panel moderated by Emmett Carson 7/19/2017 Free Listen
A “Nail-Biting” Journey to Affordable Housing: Measure A’s Success in Santa Clara County 7/5/2017 Free Listen
SVCF and San Francisco 49ers Community Trust in Policing Forum – Part 2 6/21/2017 Free Listen
SVCF and San Francisco 49ers Community Trust in Policing Forum – Part 1 6/21/2017 Free Listen
The Big Lift: Why Third Graders’ Literacy is Vital to Silicon Valley’s Future 6/7/2017 Free Listen
Who Are the New Givers and How Are They Different? 5/24/2017 Free Listen
Immigrant Services and California’s Due Process for All Act 5/10/2017 Free Listen
The South Coast Report with Erica Wood 5/3/2017 Free Listen
International Grantmaking 4/26/2017 Free Listen
Accounting Changes for 2017 with Paul & Liz Dollar, Moss Adams 4/12/2017 Free Listen
How Diverse Investment Managers Improve Communities 3/29/2017 Free Listen
Ban the Box: Why Companies Are Removing Questions About Criminal History from Job Applications 3/15/2017 Free Listen
How Early Stage Companies can Engage in Social Responsibility 3/1/2017 Free Listen
Early Childhood Learning & Digital Media: What Should Parents Know? 2/13/2017 Free Listen
SVCF's 10th Anniversary Grantmaking Goals and Special Opportunities with Manuel Santamaria and Valerie Cuevas 2/1/2017 Free Listen
How a Bay Area Transit Map Will Increase Ridership, Improve Public Health and Benefit the Economy, with Arielle Fleisher 1/18/2017 Free Listen
Modern Fundraising and How to Gain Support for Silicon Valley Causes, with Emmett Carson 12/26/2016 Free Listen