SVCF Strategic Grants

We support the most effective and innovative organizations in our region to solve the most challenging problems and strengthen the common good. SVCF focuses on the below areas of impact to help solve our community’s challenges.

Read about our work in each of these areas through our reports below:

Economic Security



Building Strong Communities

Economic Security


ImmigrationBuilding Strong Communities


Economic Security: Silicon Valley is a region of stark economic contrasts. While great wealth is created here, many struggle to make ends meet. Our economic security grants support programs that provide people with financial education as well as opportunities to save, invest and protect family wealth. Our grants also focus on combatting predatory lending by working on policy solutions to regulate it locally and statewide as well as raising awareness of the extent of the problem. Apply here.

Education Strategy Grants

Education: Competence in mathematics is essential for functioning in everyday life as well as for success in our increasingly knowledge-based economy. Yet far too many students are not adequately prepared in mathematics. Our education grants support programs that improve mathematics instruction in middle school through professional development of teachers and that provide students who are falling behind with high quality, extended learning opportunities after school and during the summer. Apply here.

Immigrant Education

Immigration: More than one-third of Silicon Valley residents are immigrants and almost two-thirds of those under the age of 18 are children of immigrants. The region’s continued prosperity and quality of life depends on our ability to create communities that recognize immigrants as assets and provide opportunities for all. Our immigration grants support programs that help immigrants learn English through high-quality vocational and English as a Second Language (V/ESL) courses. Our grants also support programs that increase the availability of affordable and high-quality legal services. Apply here.

Regional Planning

Building Strong Communities: For decades, Silicon Valley has enjoyed some of the highest economic gains in the world. However, this prosperity is not widely shared and many low- and middle-income residents struggle with the increasing cost of housing and transportation. Our grants support programs that help shape land use and transportation plans and encourage residents to get involved in the design of their communities. These plans are intended to create communities that are more affordable, healthier and better connected, with jobs and homes closer to transit. Apply here.