The Legacy Society

Legacy Society

SVCF honors those who have made a lasting commitment to our community by recognizing them as Legacy Society members.

How do I join?

Individuals who designate a gift of $10,000 or more to SVCF through a will, trust or other planned gift qualify. Additionally, those individuals who make an outright gift, with a one time or cumulative value of $10,000 or more to the Community Endowment Fund or Silicon Valley Regional Endowment Fund, are also invited to join both our Legacy Society and be listed on the Tom Ford Honor Roll described below.


Legacy Society members enjoy the company of others who care about leaving a legacy to protect and strengthen the community. Each year, SVCF holds a Legacy Society Luncheon to honor the members and provide them with an opportunity to see how the SVCF is improving their community. Members may also be invited to other events throughout the year.

You can always remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, we encourage those who have make a commitment as a Legacy Society member to share their name as they are an inspiration to others to look toward the future and learn how they too can have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.

Tom Ford Honor Roll

Tom FordAt the 2015 annual Legacy Society Luncheon, SVCF announced the creation of The Tom Ford Honor Roll to celebrate the wonderful tradition of giving created by Tom Ford. A long-time philanthropist, Tom established the Sand Hill Endowment Fund to leave a legacy of giving and community support in Silicon Valley. Since its inception, the fund has been the source of $55 million to SVCF and our parent foundation, Peninsula Community Foundation, and it has resulted in substantial and lasting benefits in our community.

The Tom Ford Honor Roll celebrates those donors, like Tom, who recognize the tremendous value of supporting SVCF’s endowment. Legacy Society donors who give $10,000 or more to SVCF’s Community Endowment Fund or Silicon Valley Regional Endowment Fund will join this special group created in Tom’s honor.


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