Types of Funds

Opening a fund with SVCF is an easy way to launch your philanthropy strategy. In addition to offering a wide variety of funds, we handle the due diligence, issue checks and provide staff assistance through a wide range of donor services. 

Individually Managed Fund

Minimum opening gift: $1 million

Our individually managed fund allows you to pursue your philanthropic goals while continuing to receive investment management expertise from your existing professional advisors. Once approved by SVCF, your advisor can develop a customized portfolio to meet the proper investment preferences and time horizons, with the goal of growing the assets available for your philanthropy. The result is a highly personalized and rewarding philanthropic experience for both your advisor and you. For more details, contact us.

Donor Advised Fund

Minimum opening gift: $5,000

By creating a donor advised fund, you can organize all of your charitable activities through one expertly managed, cost-effective charitable vehicle. Your gift qualifies for an immediate tax deduction, and you can take your time deciding which organizations to recommend for grants. You’ll receive expert advice from SVCF that will provide you with in-depth knowledge to help you set goals, develop your charitable giving strategy and administer grants. You can name your donor advised fund, and you have online access to it 24 hours a day.

Committee Advised Fund

Minimum opening gift: $5,000

In a committee advised fund you can join like-minded investors who pool their contributions for a common purpose and work together to recommend distributions to the community.  Interested donors can also join any of the foundation's existing committee funds.

Community Foundation Managed Scholarship Fund

Minimum opening gift: $250,000

A community foundation managed scholarship fund provides scholarships for Bay Area students. With this type of fund, the community foundation staff administers the entire process, from creating and distributing applications to disbursing funds. We appoint a volunteer committee to review student applications. Recipients are selected based on the committee's recommendations.

Donor Involved Scholarship Fund

Minimum opening gift: $50,000

A donor involved scholarship fund allows you to participate more actively in the scholarship selection. When you establish a donor involved scholarship fund, you are required to oversee a selection committee that is external to the community foundation. The external selection committee is responsible for creating and distributing applications and selecting recipients. You designate a committee manager who is responsible for annually filing the appropriate paperwork with community foundation staff and documenting the scholarship selection process.

Field of Interest Fund

Minimum opening gift: $50,000

This type of fund lets you identify and support a broad charitable purpose or category of interest. For example, choose the arts, education or human services, or a particular geographic area in San Mateo or Santa Clara counties. You can rely on SVCF to identify organizations capable of making the greatest impact in the specific issue area or region of particular importance to you. A field of interest fund with SVCF may be opened with contributions of $50,000 or more and gifts of any size may also be made to support existing field of interest funds with the foundation.

For more information on each of these funds, please download our list of current field of interest funds.

Named Endowed Fund

Minimum opening gift: $50,000

Named endowed funds may be established during your lifetime or created through an estate plan. You can create a named endowed fund utilizing one of our many fund options, such as a donor advised fund, designated fund or feild of interest fund. Endowed funds are a way for you to support your favorite charities or causes forever, creating a lasting legacy. 

You can also create a named endowed fund in conjunction with our Community Endowment Fund. This allows you to participate in helping SVCF in our work in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Every year, SVCF makes grants to the most effective local nonprofit organizations in the names of generous citizens who have established named endowment funds with us. The income earned from named endowed funds provides the venture capital for long-term solutions that challenge our community.

Memorial Fund

When faced with a personal loss, family and friends often want a thoughtful way of honoring a loved one. A memorial fund turns memorial gifts into a lasting legacy in your loved one's name. Once the fund is established, you have up to six months from the date of the first gift to reach the minimum amount for your chosen fund type. For amounts less than the minimum, the community foundation can work with you to identify an appropriate nonprofit to receive memorial fund contributions directly.

Supporting Organizations

Minimum opening gift: $10 million

As a tax-wise alternative to a private foundation, a supporting organization allows you to hire staff and convene a board. These funds are more flexible than private foundations, and SVCF handles all of the administrative oversight — including IRS-mandated tax returns and annual audits. Supporting organizations are individual 501(c)(3) public charities under Section 509(a)(3) of the tax code. Although they have their own tax ID number and your donations receive the maximum level of tax deductions, each supporting organization is covered under the umbrella of SVCF. The fund’s grants and activities must fulfill and support the charitable purposes of SVCF. Our expert staff is always available to help your supporting organization meet its grantmaking and philanthropic goals. We have numerous supporting organizations.